Your Microbiome Explained – Optimize for Brain, Body, and Health

Your Microbiome Explained – Optimize for Brain, Body, and Health

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The Microbiome is the variety of bacteria that reside in your body. Did you know that you have more bacterial DNA than human DNA? Or that your mitochondria actually evolved from early forms of bacteria?

Our microbiome plays a huge role in helping to maintain optimum health, by producing digestive enzymes, neurotransmitters, energy, and much more. Studies show that by manipulating the microbiome, it’s possible to accelerate fat loss, boost muscle mass, and more. Psychobiotics meanwhile is the study of microbiata and probiotics for brain function.

This video explains how to optimize your diet and lifestyle to support a health gut. You’ll find out which bacterial strains are most useful according to the research. You’ll know how to understand the packaging on probiotics (and understand CFU), and how factors like sleep and stress can affect your microbiome. Did you know that your gut bacteria actually go to sleep when you do? Naww!

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