Why Your Gut Needs Resistant Starch To Survive And Thrive

Why Your Gut Needs Resistant Starch To Survive And Thrive

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Eric Bakker the naturopath, thanks for coming back and checking out my video. Let’s talk about starch. I wrote quite a lot about this in Candida Crusher, my book. If you got to yeastinfection.org you can also read some of my articles about starch where I explain the difference between the soluble fibers, the insoluble fibers. I talk about starch. But if people want, I’m happy to do a video going into more detail about starch and stuff like that.

I find with the longer videos, it’s probably a waste of time because most people click off after three minutes and probably go back to Facebook to watch funny cat videos or something. I find three, four minutes to be about good.

Anyway, let’s not waste time. Resistance starch, why it is so important for you. When you eat different foods, many of them get digested, partially digested in the stomach and finished off in the small intestine. Some can even start getting to become digested with your mouth, with the saliva. You can get a bit of digestion occurring which increases in the gut and then gets finished further down.

Some foods are called resistant starches. They actually bypass the small bowel or will get partially digested higher up and then move further down into to colon or large intestine where they get finished off. They get fermented, they get broken down, these starches. They’re food for beneficial bacteria. They’re very, very, very important to eat.

This is really what gets up me, really annoys me a lot is so many people now think that the foods I’m going to talk about are bad for you. They’re the Darth Vader of foods. They make you fat and sick and ugly and you’ll die of cancer, whatever. There’s so much crap on the internet about fiber and about carbohydrates. Some people are so worried now about carbs they treat them like they’re radioactive substances. They walk around them. They think they’re toxic.

Look, do I look fat? I’ve eaten oats all my life. I’ve eaten bananas, I’ve eaten potatoes, I’ve eaten all the stuff you’re told not to eat. I’m not fat. You don’t get fat from eating the finer foods I’m going to talk about. Many people just don’t get that through. They say, “I can’t eat oats, they’re no good. I get bloating. They’re sick. They make me sick. I’ll get fat from them. My nutritionist told me avoid most forms of carbs including potatoes and sweet potatoes and rice and pastas. I’ve been told to ban all that now.”

Well back in the 70s there was the pasta diet where actually people did lose weight eating pasta. But back then also, they didn’t have the high fructose corn syrup and all the other crap we’ve got in our diets today.

What do we do? Well resistant starches are very important because they will also help you to regulate your appetite. They’ll also help to bind cholesterol, pull it out of the body. You eat a good serving of rolled oats everyday, probably like your great grandma did, there’s a big chance your cholesterol will come down with any kind of statin drug or junk like that. Food is medicine. Medicine is food.

Rolled oats are a fantastic food. Green bananas are touted as being healthy but I’m not really a fan of promoting unripe fruits to people. Fruits should be ripe. Maybe a little bit not ripe but you shouldn’t eat bright green bananas. You can get plantain bananas which is Samoan and Tongan people eat, the Pacific island people eat the green banana but they stay green. They don’t go yellow. But it’s not a great idea to eat a semi-ripe fruit, in my opinion. Would you eat a semi-ripe watermelon? Probably not. Would you eat an apple that’s green, that hasn’t gone red yet? Probably not. You can cook with it, doesn’t taste so great.

Some of the best resistant starches, in my opinion, would be oats, potatoes, sweet potato, pastas, brown rice, white rice. This is the interesting thing with fiber, resistant fiber. When you let a potato cool, and then cook it, you’re doubling the fiber content just by doing that. That’s a pretty cool trick. Brown rice, sweet potato is my favorite. You can also get potato, sweet potatoes and maybe some brown rice, you can cook them and the following day, you can make patties out of them like little hamburger kind of patties and cook them in olive oil and they are delicious. Little bit of salt and pepper on top, you will love it. Trust me, [inaudible 00:04:12].

That’s really healthy for the gut because this is what the bacteria want. They want that resistant starch, they’re going to feed on that. And that’s going to really increase their population and then they’re going to confer benefits to you. More energy, better cognition. You’re just going to feel better.

That’s it. Don’t forget to click on the link. There’s probably a PDF link in the description box. It’ll be pretty cool report. Thanks for tuning in.

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