Wellness Couture – Gut Health and Overall Wellness

Wellness Couture – Gut Health and Overall Wellness

Maybe you watch what you eat and follow basic guidelines. But do you know exactly what foods are best specifically for your body? Do you know exactly what time of day is best for you to eat those things? Is your consumption aligned with the body and fitness goals you have for yourself? If you said no to any of those things, then Cynthia Barrett at Wellness Couture in NYC has your answers. You can read as many articles online as you want, but none of them will tell you exactly what you need to know to make the nutrition plan that a trained nutritionist can design specifically for you.

In this Deep Dive, you will learn …

What is Wellness Couture and why did Cynthia start it (0:18)
– Wellness Couture focuses on the gut microbiome and tailors custom nutrition plans for people so they can be more healthy
– She started as a physical therapist and noticed that the problems people were experiencing were all related to gut health, which inspired her to learn more and become a nutritionist
– She experiences different health ailments herself, which also inspired this career shift
Cynthia’s personal story and how it led to Wellness Couture (2:53)
– She had food sensitivity and micronutrient tests done and it was eye-opening to realize that instead of the typical advice or cutting certain things out of your diet, it is actually more important to add things that are missing from your diet
– Adding foods to your diet populates your gut microbiome because the more diverse our bacteria is, the healthier we are
– She wants to heal the world one bacteria at a time
What is the patient experience at Wellness Couture (4:49)
– Nutrition evaluation, full medical history, comprehensive micronutrient test to check for deficiencies and T-cell function, food allergies, heavy metals
– Puts together a nutrition evaluation and eventually a comprehensive nutrition plan
– Going to Wellness Couture is an educational process where you learn about yourself and so many of the things we are never told about proper nutrition
– This comprehensive nutrition plan designed specifically for each client and only that client accounts for all of their daily habits, lifestyle factors, digestion
Cynthia gives us a lesson (9:25)
– Leaky gut, what happens, and why it happens
– Dangers of taking antibiotics, long-lasting impact of them, and the overprescription of them
– How to combat leaky gut
– Shows the report of an unnamed client who has high levels of Candida albicans (yeast) and explains what it does to us
– Feeding the good bacteria to displace the bad bacteria
– Review of micronutrient test and everything it indicates in a patient
– Wellness Couture vs advice from a friend or “Dr Google”
– Your health is your wealth
Changing minds about what making healthy decisions means (19:55)
– Getting people to ask if they are earring real food or a “food-like thing”
– Where is our food coming from and how is it grown
– Making people think is this food actually good for us and nourishing our body or does it just look nice
Client relationship and continued advice (21:07)
– Checking in with them biweekly to see how they are doing and get updates on their routines and habits
– Ensuring that they are following a solid routine and helping them get back to where they want to be
– Helping clients by empowering them to have a better lifestyle
– Integrating wellness into all areas of life to help her clients regain a better life


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Our goal is to help you understand how optimization and longevity solutions, from the most basic practices that have been around for thousands of years to the most cutting-edge technologies that are still being developed, can extend your prime and help your body and mind resist and reverse the series of changes they begin to undergo in your early 30’s.

We believe in a proactive approach to health care where you go to your doctor to develop a plan for your health, rather than going when you are sick. We believe in shattering conventional practices. We believe we can help you improve, both mentally and physically, as you age, allowing you to live longer, live better, and be around for the people you love most.

We believe that getting older is inevitable, but that aging is not.

Live Longer. Get Stronger. Love More.

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We want to know how we can improve and better serve the people who want to take their health into their own hands. If you have any feedback or ideas as to how we can improve, please reach out to us directly at info@keepmeprime.com. We would love to hear from you.

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