The GUT BIOME: artificial sweeteners;Yo-Yo diets; regaining weight?

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Dr. Brewer started as an Emergency Doctor. After seeing too many preventable heart attacks, he went to Johns Hopkins to learn Preventive Medicine. While there, he went on the run the post-graduate training program (residency) in Preventive Medicine. From there, he made a career of practicing and managing preventive medicine and primary care clinics. His later role in this area was Chief Medical Officer for Premise, which has close to 1,000 primary care/prevention clinics. He was also the Chief Medical Officer for MDLIVE, the second largest telemedicine company. More recently, he founded PrevMed, a heart attack, and stroke prevention clinic.

At PrevMed, we focus on heart attack, stroke, and cognitive decline. We serve patients who have already experienced an event as well as those who have not developed a diagnosis or event. Dr. Brewer provides services via telemedicine or in person if you’re in the Lexington, KY area. We find a lot of undiagnosed Pre-Diabetes or Insulin Resistance. Treating unrecognized risk factors like Pre-Diabetes allows reduction of risk and prevention of disease.

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In 2015, researchers at the Weisman Institute in Israel demonstrated that saccharin, sucralose and aspartame created insulin resistance in lab mice. Antibiotic treatment and repopulation with normal bacteria cured the glucose intolerance. Other studies have shown that faecal transplants from obese humans made lab mice gain weight. In fact, gut biome or bacteria have been demonstrated to cause “yoyo” dieting effects, going back to pre-diet weights.
One researcher decided to make mouse chow pellets out of breakfast cereal and pizza. Obese rats given this pizza/cereal chow did not lose weight after faecal transplant. Obese rats given regular diet did lose weight after faecal transplant.

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