Ketogenic Diet: Gut-Wrenching Research

Ketogenic Diet: Gut-Wrenching Research

This video is on the heels of an exploding topic in the field of health and nutrition. And that is the “Gut Microbiome.” In this short power-packed video, I discuss some recent research and how our “Gut Microbiome” may be the key to understanding what kind of diet we should be gravitating towards.


1) A Dietary Fiber-Deprived Gut Microbiota Degrades the Colonic Mucus Barrier and Enhances Pathogen Susceptibility-

2) Detrimental Impact of Microbiota-Accessible Carbohydrate-Deprived Diet on Gut and Immune Homeostasis: An Overview-

3) High-Fat Diet Reduces the Formation of Butyrate, but Increases Succinate, Inflammation, Liver Fat and Cholesterol in Rats, while Dietary Fibre Counteracts These Effects-

4) The abundance and variety of carbohydrate-active enzymes in the human gut microbiota-

5) Starving our microbial self: The deleterious consequences of a diet deficient in microbiota-accessible carbohydrates-

6) Gut Microbiota and Extreme Longevity-

7) Gut microbiota signatures of longevity-

8) Butyrate, neuroepigenetics and the gut microbiome: Can a high fiber diet improve brain health?-

9) Dietary diversity score is associated with cardiovascular risk factors and serum adiponectin concentrations in patients with metabolic syndrome-

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