Homemade pickles + sauerkraut! GUT HEALTH!

Homemade pickles + sauerkraut! GUT HEALTH!

Hey guys! Sorry this video took forever to edit and upload! Lot’s of life changes!
I made my first successful batch of homemade probiotic rich sauerkruaut and pickles and im so excited to share with you how it easy it is!

Gut health is SO important! Fermented foods improve digestive health. In fermentation, bacteria or yeast feed on the natural sugars in foods. These microorganisms create compounds such as lactic acid or alcohol, which help preserve the foods. The fermented foods also wind up filled with “friendly” bacteria such as those touted in probiotic products, as well as helpful enzymes.
The bacteria “predigest” certain food components, making them easier for your gut to handle and for nutrients to be absorbed when you eat them. Even vegetables can benefit from fermentation: Making cabbage into sauerkraut or kimchi increases glucosinolate compounds believed to fight cancer.
Because the gut is the largest component of your immune system, introducing friendly bacteria into your digestive system may also help keep illness away. Evidence suggests that gut health could affect inflammation, allergies and autoimmune disorders in the body as a whole. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity even found that some types of probiotics promoted weight loss! Good thing I already LOVE pickles! If you try this at home please let me know how it goes!

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♡ Filmed with my Sony A5100 & edited with iMovie

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