Hack Your Body- Life/Mental Health- Recovery/Repair

Hack Your Body- Life/Mental Health- Recovery/Repair

A brief look into my experiences with food allergies, adhd/mental health, recreational abuses, stress, life and how I’m repairing myself. Hopefully it will put a bit of a bright light at the end of a dark twisted tunnel for others out there struggling with life!

I am by no means an expert and everything is in laymans terms if that.. It is purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.. If you want real knowledge, go and see an expert!!

As you may have read my drone decided to do its own thing and crash whilst making this film. If you like the video and want more drone footage in future videos, please donate to my gofundme account. Every little helps!- https://www.gofundme.com/manage/donations-for-film-making-equipment

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