Eating These Foods Can Improve Skin Health Dramatically

Eating These Foods Can Improve Skin Health Dramatically

The Top 5 Foods for Flawless Skin
Number 1: Acerola Cherry
Acerola cherry is a small red fruit that is native to the Amazon. This super fruit has been used for centuries by Ancient Native Americans for its life giving properties. Acerola cherry is jam packed with high amounts of natural vitamin C. In fact, it’s one of the highest natural vitamin C sources in world. Vitamin C is mandatory for healthy collagen production in the body. Collagen is what makes skin elastic and helps prevent premature wrinkles. Consuming Acerola Cherry daily is an excellent way to naturally boost collagen production in the body.
Number 2: Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nuts are an amazing super food that is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Brazil nuts contain extremely high amounts of the mineral selenium. Not only is selenium needed for healthy thyroid function, but it can also help improve the quality of the skin. This is because selenium helps neutralize free radicals which can cause damage to the skin. Brazil nuts are also a great source of the antioxidant vitamin E. Numerous amounts of research have shown that vitamin E plays an extremely important role skin health and may help correct skin disorders.
Number 3: Beef Liver
Beef liver is a powerhouse of nutrition with a wide array of nutrients that are required for optimal health. Beef liver contains extremely high amounts of minerals such as zinc and copper which play an important role in repairing the skin. Beef Liver also contains a full spectrum of amino acids that can help in numerous biological functions and can improve the regeneration capacity of the body. Consuming beef liver once a week is a great way to boost mineral content in the body. It also ensures that you are receiving the hard to get minerals which play an extremely important role in skin health.
Number 4: Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is great for both topical and internal use. When used topically, coconut oil can help hydrate the skin and combat dry flaky skin. Coconut oil naturally contains several different antimicrobial properties which can help improve the function of the gut. Poor gut health often has negative side effects on the skin. This is mainly due to a small intestinal bacteria overgrowth in the gut which can cause several unwanted external symptoms such as poor skin health. Luckily, coconut oil can help inhibit the growth of pathogenic species in the gut due to its antimicrobial properties. As a result, it can help correct skin problems that are related to a gut dsybosis.
Number 5: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Oil is an age old remedy for preserving beauty and promoting good skin health. Olive oil contains numerous antibacterial properties and can be used both topically and internally in order to combat skin problems. Many find that rubbing olive oil on the skin can help moisturize and protect the skin from sun damage. Also, like coconut oil, it’s great for inhibiting the growth of pathogenic species in the gut. Olive oil is an excellent source of monounsaturated fat which can help aid in the hydration of skin and nourish the body on the cellular level.

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