Dr. Sinatra's Heart Healthy Probiotic Solutions

Dr. Sinatra's Heart Healthy Probiotic Solutions


Heart Healthy Probiotic Solutions™ gives you 10 billion CFU of Lp299v, a specific strain of live, “good bacteria” to help:

Reduce occasional gas, bloating, and even symptoms of an irritable bowel
Promote normal and regular bowel movements
Support healthy blood flow, circulation, and blood pressure levels
Support a healthy immune system
Maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the digestive tract
Improve HDL-to-LDL cholesterol ratios


Most people know probiotics are an important way to support digestive health and many doctors recommend daily use.
But there’s something about probiotics that no one is talking about. Until now.

We live in an environment of EMF and radiation and insecticides and pesticides and heavy metals and with the overzealous use of antibiotics we are destroying the internal lining of the GI tract. And what we learned is that ninety percent of the immune system is in our gut.

If we can change the flora up the gut and improve it it’s going to improve the entire body and this is very exciting.

Why is a cardiologists interested in probiotics?

Introducing new Heart Healthy Probiotic Solutions from Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Formulated with clinically studied LP299V bacterial strain. Probiotic Solutions replenishes the healthy bacteria your body needs and is great for healthy digestion. But it’s also great for a healthy heart and immune system.

With the Lactobacillus Plantarum 299 the research showed that it also had a favorable impact on blood lipids so when I saw that and I know that improves immune system support and it also supports blood pressure for me it was like a the perfect trifecta.

Heart Healthy Probiotics Solutions from Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

Digestive support. Immune system support. Healthy heart support for a healthier you!

For me it’s a no brainer I take a probiotic everyday myself.

Heart Healthy Probiotic Solutions

Triple tested for quality assurance with satisfaction guaranteed.
No refrigeration required.

For best results take daily.

Try it today!

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