Diet, Gut Health, Stress, and Anxiety – What You Need to Know

Diet, Gut Health, Stress, and Anxiety – What You Need to Know

Stress and anxiety can be a crippling condition and can dramatically diminish overall quality of life

To be clear, experiencing stress or anxiety after a traumatic event is normal

However, ongoing stress and anxiety without any real cause is oftentimes a result of both inflammation in the gut and gut dysbiosis

In particular, hard to digest fibrous plant foods can cause intestinal irritation if eaten in excess

It’s important to understand that plants can’t run

As a result, they produce phytochemicals and anti-nutrients which are designed to stop predators from eating them

Anti-nutrients such as lectins, oxalates, tannins, gluten, and phytic acid are all present in most raw plant foods

Interestingly, research is clear that many of these anti-nutrients can have a negative impact on the health and integrity of the gut when consumed in excessive amounts

That being said, high quality animal foods do not contain anti-nutrients and are full of gut building and protecting nutrients such as creatine, collagen, and saturated fat

Because of this, those dealing with “phantom” anxiety and stress may benefit from consuming a diet of primarily easy to digest high quality animal foods

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t eat plants, rather, you should temporarily remove some of these potentially problematic foods so that your gut has a chance to properly heal

In our opinion, diets consisting of high quality animal products and quality fruits can be very beneficial

Unlike seeds, nuts, and greens, fruits want to be eaten so that their seed can be spread

As a result, most fruits are typically low in anti-nutrients and easy on the digestive system

Also, foods such as bone broth can be very beneficial due to their high glycine content and are jam packed with the gut protecting protein, collagen

Lastly, all plants foods other than ripe fruits should be properly prepared before consuming in order to reduce anti-nutrients

This can be done through either soaking, boiling, and roasting; however, you should familiarize yourself with proper preparation methods of the particular plant food in question before consuming

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