BrosDoScience – Muscular hypertrophy, Gut Health and Recovery .

BrosDoScience – Muscular hypertrophy, Gut Health and Recovery .

Great chat with:
–Dr.Gabrielle Fundaro, CISSN,CHC

–Dr. James Hoffmann (@rpdrjames)

–Dr.Mike Israetel (@rpdrmike)

What we covered:

_ What is gut health?
_How can we optimally increase our gut health?
_Three Things you would want to delete from social media.
_Recovery training, nutrition and lifestyle.
_What are the signs that we need to step back and focus more on our recovery?
_ Hypertrophy. I want to get big. How?
_Finding optimal ways to still get to grow even if you are an advanced athlete.
_ Is it food or volume to make me grow and how to prioritise.
_ How the body systems recover and the importance of recovery strategies.
_The psychology of dieting/weight management.
_No bad or Good Foods
_Eating behaviours are linked to stress and…
Some Greek love!

Renaissance Periodization has a mission to deliver the most effective, scientifically sound and reliable diet and training consultation to anyone who wants to use it to achieve results. When it comes to your goals and aspirations in the areas of physique alteration, sports performance, and health, we’re passionate about helping you target your time and efforts doing what works, and avoiding what doesn’t.

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