Avoid Eating The Same Things (rotate proteins)

Avoid Eating The Same Things (rotate proteins)

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Avoid Eating The Same Things (rotate proteins) – Thomas DeLauer

Low-nutrient diets may interfere with the body’s ability to suppress immune cells that are capable of attacking harmless proteins

A diet deficient in vitamin A, then, might undermine the body’s ability to keep its immune system from attacking harmless proteins like gluten

Gut Health

New research suggests that limiting dietary diversity may actually be bad for your gut

Researchers in this review hypothesized that eating certain foods selectively nourishes single species of microbiota in the gut and provides “a competitive advantage over others”

It seems that a more varied diet leads to a rich and diverse microbiome, both of which are key indicators for a healthy gut


Resistant Starch Example

Different strains of bacteria have specific substrates they like to feed on, and while some are happy to feed on RS2, others prefer different forms of fiber

When we consume unnaturally high (e.g., supplemented) levels of one type of resistant starch (or one type of any fiber), we risk selectively feeding certain strains of bacteria while lowering the proportion of other beneficial kinds.

Even beneficial probiotic strains of bacteria can overgrow, and this is especially a concern when this comes at the expense of microbial diversity – a diverse microbiome is a resilient and healthy one

A study published in the American Society for Microbiology found that a raw potato diet (RS2) caused human-derived fecal communities to show a major rise in Bacteroides and Eubacterium rectale (beneficial bacteria that thrive on RS2), due to the diet over-feeding them with their preferred food source

But the raw potato diet also suppressed levels of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli – two types of beneficial bacteria that favor RS3 over RS2 and which enjoy other fiber types like inulin

SunWarrior Warrior Blend Breakdown

Pea protein, however, is an exception because it’s rich in all nine essential amino acids except for methionine (more later)

Pea protein uses fewer resources (water and fertilizers namely) and seems to be less environmentally impactful than other proteins

Hemp Protein


Hemp seeds are also a rich source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid which may also have anti-inflammatory effects.

GLA is rapidly converted to dihomo GLA (DGLA) which is incorporated into cell membrane phospholipids

Arachidonic acid is the omega-6 found abundantly in meat and dairy, and the precursor to pro-inflammatory eicosinoids like PGE2.

Goji Berry

These have been added not only to enhance the protein content, but to provide an antioxidant source to the product

Contains the antioxidants carotenoids, lycopene and lutein, and also contains about as much vitamin C as lemons and oranges (per serving)

Coconut (Lauric Acid + MCTs)

Antimicrobial effects of the lauric acid, and the ketone-boosting effects of the MCT’s

Note these sources are not peer reviewed, nor did they provide any references or resources – all hypothesized

The problem with eating the same foods over and over is that your immune system becomes very alert to the consumption of foods that are consumed consistently over and over

If this food leaks into our system, as the term leaky gut implies, then our immune system begins to target that food and it develops a response against it

These antibodies bind to the antigen that is created by undigested protein. It does this in an effort to protect the body from what is now recognized by a possible pathogen or some other foreign aggressor in the body.

If this process is drawn out for too long, the body becomes so familiarized with that protein – such as gluten – that it will create antigens on a regular basis. The problem is that to create these antigens takes a lot of energy from the immune system.

Over time, you have what is called a weakened immune system or autoimmune disease, which is simply due to the fatigue and exhaustion from the overstimulated immune response

Hidden Food Intolerances

There is another type of food allergy that is more insidious and may take up to 72 hours to surface. This is a delayed food allergy & is technically a food sensitivity, an IgG response, which refers to the IgG antibody, the largest circulating antibody in your system.

What happens in this situation is that the IgG antibody marks certain food particles as antigens, and when you eat these foods (take wheat, for example), the body mounts an immune response and attack in response

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