11 Ways To Clean Gut Bacteria

11 Ways To Clean Gut Bacteria

How good is fiber? Is it actually smart to avoid animal products? Do I really need to be a steady diet of asparagus? We’re talking all of that AND more.

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Eat Fiber : 00:55
Have Some Pineapple : 01:35
Garlic? If It Helps… : 02:10
Consume Less Sugar : 03:08
Reduce Stress In Your Life : 03:45
Exercise : 04:31
Asparagus to a-spare your gut! : 05:27
Avoid Animal Products : 06:08
Have a Decent Sleep : 06:54
Stop Smoking Cigarettes : 07:47
Try Some Bone Broth : 08:26



1. Eat Fiber
Foods that are high in fiber help feed your healthy bacteria, making them stronger. Just try picturing the bacteria in your gut as animals that are bread to eat away pests. In order to do their job, they need to be given food. When prebiotic fibers are digested, bacteria will consume it, giving them energy and allowing them to multiply. Your belly is also less likely to become inflamed after this.

2. Have Some Pineapple
Yes, it’s that simple. Pineapple is a favourite among your bacteria. Have you ever heard of bromelain? It’s an enzyme found exclusively within pineapples. Bromelain works as a digestive aid, which helps to break down protein you have ingested. It also assists in reducing inflammation along the lining of your gut.

3. Garlic? If It Helps…
While garlic was listed earlier as a fiber-friendly food, it also contains several other benefits for your gut.

4. Consume Less Sugar
Too much sugary junk food can influence your unhealthy bacteria. Some of these bacterial strains have been linked to metabolic disease, which can increase your body’s risk of heart problems and diabetes.

5. Reduce Stress In Your Life
Too much stress is known to disrupt microorganisms in your intestines. This also ties into your diet. If you are feeling stressed out, you are likely to eat on impulse, normally reaching for a quick and satisfying meal.
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